First Aid, CPR, AED & More Advanced Life Support / Certification Courses Available

Using the latest techniques that the AHA (American Heart Associations) has designed, participants learn how to recognize several life-threatening emergencies, in a safe, timely, and effective manner. The courses include adult, child and out of the work / healthcare environment. Pick the training package that is appropriate for you.

In medical emergencies...

...there may be a delay in care. It is important to minimize that delay since every second counts. Using the latest techniques, all participants will learn how to recognized several life-threatening emergencies and provide the appropriate care in a safe, timely, and effective manner.

A Word From Dave

I will always remember my first few times responding to medical emergencies. Families were hysterical and neighbors were stunned by not knowing what to do. The patients, if not unconscious, were panic stricken.

Knowing what to do is what has kept me calm and able to give effective care. After several years of responding to medical emergencies for ambulance agencies and hospital emergency rooms, I understand the importance of quality training and knowing what to expect. This is way your instructor will have significant field experience and use realistic scenarios to better prepare others to act.