First Aid

This course is divided into three sections: Medical, Traumatic and Environmental emergencies.

  • Medical Emergencies:
    The medical emergency section covers early recognition and treatment of strokes, heart attacks, seizures, shock, and diabetes to list a few.
  • Traumatic Emergencies:
    Trauma caters to treatment of burns, bleeding, electrocution, impaled objects, skeletal injuries (brakes, sprains and strains) and more.
  • Environmental emergencies:
    This involves illnesses that result from exposure to our environment. This illnesses include allergic reactions (anaphylaxis), heat exhaustion, heat stroke, hyper/hypothermia, frostbite and animal / insect bites.

Together, these make up our quality first aid program.


Just a desire to help others.

Primary Audience

From households to healthcare, everyone benefits from these basic life saving skills.

  • Families
  • Teachers
  • Babysitters
  • Construction / DPW workers
  • Supervisors
  • And the reset of the world.